On September 24th, nearly 60 owners and administrators of Minnesota long-term care and housing with services facilities attended a legislative roundtable hosted by Guardian Pharmacy of Minnesota. Joining them were Central Minnesota legislators and national legislator’s staff, including:

  • Nicole Pelzer – Representative Bachmann’s office
  • Bethany Snyder – Senator Franken’s office
  • Lisa Fobbe – Senator Franken’s office
  • Adam Schiff – Senator Klobuchar’s office
  • Megan Lahr – Senator Klobuchar’s office
  • Senator Dave Brown – MN Senate District 15
  • Senator John Pederson – MN Senate District 14
  • Senator Paul Gazelka – MN Senate District 9
  • Representative Jim Abler – MN House District 35A
  • Representative Marion O’Neill – MN House District 29B
  • Representative Tama Theis – MN House District 14A
  • Representative Zach Dorholt – MN House District 14B
  • Representative Jim Newberger – MN House District 15B
  • Representative Jeff Howe – MN House District 13A

This event provided an opportunity for industry leaders in Central Minnesota to address concerns with their legislators. It also served as a forum for legislators to share information on current initiatives and policies affecting senior care in Central Minnesota.

Legislative Roundtable