On September 24, Guardian of Minnesota will host a training seminar targeted for nurses, directors of nursing, and MDS coordinators. The event will be held at the Saint Cloud Holiday Inn and will focus on coding restorative nursing programs and proper care.

The seminar will be broken into the two parts. The first will be led by Nadine Olness, a registered nurse with the Minnesota Department of Health. This interactive training session will focus on coding on the MDS and the requirements for coding, developing measurable objectives and writing meaningful evaluations. Session two will be led by Kristy Lunch, lead wound care coordinator at CentraCare Wound Center. Kristy will explain how to identify and treat wounds and how to avoid them altogether.

Guardian of Minnesota strives to continually educate and assist healthcare professionals by hosting two training sessions per year. We are excited about this seminar and hope to continue featuring many more in the future.