Guardian Pharmacy of Minnesota strives to keep our customers informed on the latest pharmacy topics. One item currently impacting our customers and our pharmacy is the cost of generic drugs in the marketplace. The prices for many generic medications, even those that have been around for years, have recently increased significantly.

To manage the expense of prescription medications and aid in keeping costs low, Guardian Minnesota emphasizes the importance of open communication. Our team uses its best judgement and informs facility staff and/or family members when copays show a large increase. In addition, our ordering manager, Chris Bemis, extensively researches future drug cost increases and orders a new supply before that occurs. In doing so, we reduce expenses for patients who pay for medications out of pocket or find themselves in the “donut hole” of a Part D prescription plan.

When it comes to the world of pharmacy, there are several pieces to the puzzle. Drug costs affect everyone, so we do our best to provide exceptional care to our patients by being a helpful, communicative resource.

Stay tuned next month for a behind the scenes look at the important role Bemis plays in keeping costs low for our customers. If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to call Mark Boe at (320) 257-8758.