Team Member: Amy Jonas         

Role: Pharmacist       

Years of Service at Guardian Pharmacy: 5 years

How does My role assist you?

I think of my role in the pharmacy as one of “problem solver.” The medication orders we receive are a puzzle to be solved. We need to find a way to provide the correct product to the correct patient for administration by the caregiver in a timely manner to ensure a positive outcome for the patient. To me this is like a puzzle with many pieces. I see my role as a protector of the patient first. Is this the right drug, right form, right treatment? I also believe in the need to protect the caregiver. The caregiver is also trusting me to properly fill the order, provide the correct administration instructions and make sure the drug is available at the proper time to follow the care plan for that patient. These commitments to the patient and caregiver are a matter of trust and of primary importance to me and I take them very seriously. I enjoy this patient care and the interaction I have daily with the providers and caregivers. They are what makes my job as a Pharmacist so rewarding.

What I love about working at Guardian Pharmacy:

What I love about working at Guardian Pharmacy, is the policy we preach and practice of “doing the right thing.” Their policy of integrity and caregiving, align with my own philosophy of Pharmacy practice. I also love the culture at Guardian of supportive friendliness. We all help each other and everyone has a strong work ethic and a good attitude towards the service mission of our practice. I also like and admire Guardian’s forward-looking philosophy. We are here to grow our business and are always looking for new clients and new ways to serve existing clients. We want to spread our ways of “doing the right thing” to as many customers as we can. We are always open to inventive ways to do just that. Ultimately this serves our patients in the best possible way.

What fellow employees say about working with Amy:

“Amy is funny, full of whit and compassion-the kind of person you would want to look out for you!”

“Amy is a great resource and a wealth of knowledge.”

“She is so calm and polite. She is always respectful to and of co-workers. And to customers.”

On a personal note…

I live in St. Cloud with my husband who is also a Pharmacist. I have three grown sons. One is a Pharmacist like his parents. One is a forest fire fighter in Oregon. And one is a sushi chef in Oregon. I like to cook and garden. I am an avid reader and a self-confessed science geek. I believe that choosing Pharmacy as my career is one of the best decisions I ever made.

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