Jeff has been with Guardian Pharmacy of Minnesota since October 2015. Although Jeff’s official title is Director of Finance and Administration (DFA), he wears many hats and assists with various jobs around the pharmacy. Jeff is our “go-to guy” when the team is in a pinch with IT, and a cheerleader for all the pharmacy staff. You’re bound to hear Jeff say, “way to go rock star!” to acknowledge a job well done.

Jeff’s wife, Denise, is the Wellness Instructor at one of Guardian’s customer facilities. Denise recently mentioned that the community needed a volunteer to help with a “senior sing-a-long” for Alzheimer’s and Dementia residents.

Music has therapeutic benefits for people with memory loss, and Jeff jumped at the opportunity since the disease is close to his heart; He lost his dad to Alzheimer’s only ten years ago. “When I heard about this opportunity,” he said, “it seemed like the perfect fit.”

On the day of the sing-a-long, Jeff picked up his guitar (which he admits he’s is a beginner at) and headed to the senior living community. For an audience of about 12 residents and community staffers, he performed sing-a-long favorites such as “Michael Row Your Boat A-Shore,” “Amazing Grace,” “She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain,” and “If Your Happy and You Know It.” The biggest hit with the residents, though, was “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash.

The residents had a great time! There were hands clapping, heads nodding and feet kicking all around.

Jeff jokingly suggested that he and all the residents go on performance tour, to which the residents replied, “when are we leaving?”

“That was so much fun!” one resident shared. “I remember the Eric Clapton song ‘You Look Wonderful Tonight’ was sung at my son’s wedding. I can’t wait until Jeff comes back again!”

Except for being slightly anxious about what he was walking into for the first time, Jeff said it was a very rewarding experience. “Sharing my musical talents with seniors is one way I’m fulfilling my commitments to volunteerism.”

Pictured above; (standing) Denise Kerr; Wellness Instructor, Aegis Therapies. Along with, Jeff Kerr of Guardian Pharmacy, MN; Volunteer/Guitarist/Singer. Denise and Jeff are joined by residents of a local community for senior living in Sauk Rapids, MN.