Laura Fesenmaier, a billing department employee at Guardian Minnesota, has a son who plays tennis. Last year, Laura brought 20 or 30 used tennis balls to the office with the idea that our customers might want them for walker feet. We reached out to our facilities to gauge their interest in the tennis balls and they responded with great enthusiasm. Recognizing a strong demand for the fuzzy yellow balls, Laura called other tennis teams in the area asking for their used tennis balls that could be donated to local communities. Since then, we have accumulated and donated nearly 400 to 500 tennis balls. Laura recently called the USTA in Minneapolis to tell them about our efforts and they donated 4,000 tennis balls to our cause! Casey Halcrow, who lives in Minneapolis, picked them up and brought them to our pharmacy. We have received several emails from customers thanking us for our contributions and we are thrilled to offer quality service to our communities through efforts such as these.