Unparalleled Customer Service

“Throughout my 37 years in this industry, I’ve never dealt with a company that knows customer service like Guardian Pharmacy of Minnesota. When we transitioned to Guardian, our entire nursing staff immediately jumped on board after experiencing the added-level of patient safety from the pharmacy’s integrated services. By partnering with Mark and his team, we know that we are doing the best for our patients and residents.” — Ann Leonard (Director of Nursing — Essentia Health/Oak Crossing Nursing Home)

Solutions that Put Residents First

“Guardian Pharmacy of Minnesota is always willing to go the extra mile. The team is there every time we have a customer need and consistently provides services and solutions that put our residents first. The transition to Guardian has been incredibly smooth, and their attentiveness truly sets them apart.”  — Phyllis Boxellkirk (Director of Nursing — Lakewood Care Center)

Committed to Education, Service, and Personalized Care

Again you all amaze us!!!! Between education, service, and your willingness to personalize pharmacy care- you get a gold star!!!!! Please share this with your corporate admins and your staff- your team is amazing!!!!! We are very blessed.  Thank you for all you do in heading up a pharmacy that tops all!!!! ” — a very satisfied Guardian Pharmacy customer